Wednesday, June 27, 2007


1.  No Child Left Behind act, co-written by Ted Kennedy:  Completed.

2.  Increase in federal spending to record levels:  Completed.

3.  Passage of a massive Medicare prescription drug entitlement:  Completed

4.  Passage of amnesty for illegal aliens and their families:  In progress, due to be completed within the next few days.

5.  Withdraw support for the war in Iraq, call for the withdrawal of US troops/allow terrorists to drive us out:  In progress.

The GOP's plan to ensure that there are no registered Republican voters left in this country by the 2008 election is proceeding as scheduled.  Great work, people.


So, what do you do when you're a liberal male politician, and a female conservative commentator repeatedly questions your manhood?  Why, you have your wife call her and tell her to stop, of course.  Apparently said politician's mommy wasn't available.  Suspicion confirmed:  John Edwards is a wuss.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is leaving the GOP.  What a shocker.  He talked like a liberal Democrat.  He governed like a liberal Democrat.  Just how are the Republicans going to get by without him?  Time will tell, I guess.  I know if he does decide on a run for the presidency (as is rumored), he's sure to cut into the Dem's base a lot more than he will the GOP's.  Anyway, adiĆ³s amigo.  Don't let the doorknob hit you where the Good Lord split you.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Via Drudge:

Iran says won't rule out using oil as a weapon

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran will not rule out using oil as a weapon if the United States resorts to military action against the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program, an Iranian oil official said in remarks published on Tuesday.

"When the Americans say that military action in regard to the nuclear issue has not been put aside, Iran can also say that it will not put aside oil as a tool," Iran's OPEC governor, Hossein Kazempour Ardebili, told Iran's Sharq newspaper.

What, this is supposed to shock and surprise us?  They've already threatened (countless times) to wipe Israel off the map with the nukes that they deny they're building.  This begs two questions:  How stupid do they think we are?  And, more importantly, how stupid are we?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Daniel Pipes takes a look at an MIT study of the feasibility of an Israeli military strike on Iran's nuclear weapons facilities in his latest column Israeli Jets vs. Iranian Nukes.  You won't hear about this from the MSM, but you really should read it.

Monday, June 11, 2007



JALALABAD AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - The 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, "The Herd", took authority of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division's area of operation in Eastern Afghanistan during a transition of authority ceremony here June 6.

During the TOA ceremony, the 3rd BCT commander described the last 16 months.

"It's been a lot of hard work," said Army Col. John Nicholson, commander of Task Force Spartan, "We have sacrificed much, but it has been a great honor to fight beside you. I'm sad to leave, but we are leaving you in good hands."

During their deployment, 3rd BCT, TF Spartan, conducted more than 100 medical engagements, 540 humanitarian-aid missions and brought medical aid to more than 44,000 Afghans.
The 173rd ABCT is no stranger to combat operations, the 173rd ABCT has deployed three times since 2003. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, "The Herd" made the largest combat jump on a single drop zone since World War II into Bashur, Iraq, in 2003. In the spring of 2005, the 173rd ABCT was once again called upon in support of Operation Enduring Freedom VI.


BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – While conducting a combat security patrol, Afghan National Security and Coalition forces prevented enemy fighters from attacking a group of innocent Afghans who were gathering for a shura in the Deh Chopan District of Zabul Province June 9.

The combined patrol foiled the imminent attack after identifying over a dozen enemy fighters carrying high powered rifles, 82 mm mortar tubes and rounds, near the village of Baylogh. In an attempt to escape, the enemy fighters moved north from the village into mountainous terrain. Coalition aircraft were requested and fired munitions at the fleeing enemy fighters, killing several of them.

No Afghan civilians were injured during the engagement.

2/10th MTN, 1 ACB kill IED emplacers

AZ ZAIDON, IRAQ – Apache attack helicopters engaged and destroyed an improvised explosive device emplacement team near Az Zaidon, Iraq, southwest of Baghdad, June 7.

The IED emplacement team was observed preparing a site, emplacing, and covering the IED by an unmanned aerial vehicle at about 10:30 a.m.

The UAV, controlled by the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, continued surveillance of the team until AH-64 Apache attack helicopters from the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade arrived at the scene.

As the sedan was moving away from the IED site, the Apaches engaged the sedan with a rocket, killing the two occupants and destroying the vehicle.

The Az Zaidon area is known as a safe haven for al Qaeda and as a step-off point for launching attacks into Baghdad.

Six al-Qaeda suspects captured

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces captured six suspected terrorists Sunday morning during operations that continue to deny safe haven to members of the al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorist network.

Based on information gained during a successful operation May 27, Coalition Forces targeted a location in Fallujah looking for an individual suspected of recruiting for al-Qaeda. The suspected jihad leader is known for using “join or die” sermons and indoctrination ceremonies where those who refuse to swear allegiance are killed. Coalition Forces detained one suspected terrorist associated with the leader.

In Mosul, two coordinated operations netted three suspected terrorists tied into the al-Qaeda in Iraq network. One of the suspects is allegedly a recruiting emir for the terrorist network in Mosul, while another is suspected of facilitating the movement of foreign fighters for al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Southeast of Fallujah, Coalition Forces detained two suspected terrorists for their alleged involvement with a senior al-Qaeda in Iraq leader known for placing improvised explosive devices and coordinating terrorist attacks.

“We’re relentlessly attacking the al-Qaeda network to deny terrorists the ability to hide among the Iraqi people and spread their jihadist propaganda,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesperson. “The Iraqi people are choosing their own future, and it does not include terrorism.”

12 detained in Coalition raids

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces detained 12 suspected terrorists during operations to disrupt the al-Qaeda in Iraq network Monday.

Coalition Forces targeted a location southeast of Fallujah where an alleged al-Qaeda in Iraq cell leader was staying based on intelligence reports and information gained from an operation June 7. The ground forces detained six suspected terrorists on site for their association with the cell leader, who is known for emplacing improvised explosive devices.

Coalition Forces raided a group of buildings in Tarmiyah in an operation targeting a suspected terrorist associated with al-Qaeda in Iraq senior leaders. Coalition Forces detained the individual, who is allegedly a financial emir for the terrorist organization.

During four coordinated raids in Baghdad, Coalition Forces detained five suspected terrorists linked to an al-Qaeda in Iraq emir. The ground force also found a cache of weapons at the site, which they safely destroyed.

“We will continue to steadily dismantle the terrorist organizations seeking to disrupt the security that Iraqi citizens desire,” said Lt. Col. Christopher Garver, MNF-I spokesperson.


"Culture of corruption."  Does that phrase ring any bells?  It referred to Republicans, right?  And we were rescued from those GOP kleptocrats by the good and decent Democrats who took over Congress after the 2006 election.  Remember?  Yeah, right.



The son of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert moved to Washington when his father became speaker and landed a lush lobbying contract for Google.

When Nancy Pelosi was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives, she promised to change things -- to enact serious, and long overdue, ethical reforms -- to stop the growing trend of legislators and their families accepting gifts, trips, and jobs from lobbyists and corporations.

Well, some things never change.

Several days ago, disclosed that in February, shortly after his mother became the first woman speaker, Paul Pelosi Jr., was hired by InfoUSA for $180,000 a year as its vice president for Strategic Planning. Pelosi also kept his other full-time day job as a mortgage loan officer for Countrywide Loans in California. And, unlike all of the other InfoUSA employees, he did not report to work at the company's headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

InfoUSA is the same company that has been cited by the New York Times for creating marketing lists that were used by con artists to fleece vulnerable elderly people. The lists had provocative names and offered the names of elderly people with cancer, elderly people with Alzheimer's and gamblers over 55 years of age who think their luck will change. After purchasing the lists, the con artists would call and convince the elderly person that they had actually ordered an expensive item. Once they received the victim's financial information, they often emptied their bank accounts, leaving many people penniless. Some of InfoUSA's internal e-mails suggest that company employees were aware that several of the companies they sold the lists to were under investigation.

And InfoUSA is also the same company that Bill Clinton works for as a consultant, and for which the former president was paid $3.3 million over the past five years. In addition, the Clintons got $900,000 worth of free travel.

Pelosi insisted that the unusual job opportunity had nothing to do with his relationship with his famous and influential mother. He just sent in an application for a job and they hired him.

Of course.

For a little background on InfoUSA, a company that has been implicated in making it possible for thieves to bilk elderly victims, check out this article in the NY Times.  And for some more information on Billary's relationship to InfoUSA, check out this article, also from the NY Times.  Must be the Times has been annexed by the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy."


Check out Dennis Miller's take on Senator Harry over at Hotair.

h/t:  Michelle Malkin

Monday, June 04, 2007


I just can't wait for that universal health care we're being promised by all of the Dem presidential hopefuls.  A recent story from the UK gives us a taste of things to come on this side of the pond.  Via Drudge:

Smokers told to quit or surgery will be refused

Smokers are to be denied operations on the Health Service unless they give up cigarettes for at least four weeks beforehand.

Doctors will police the rule by ordering patients to take a blood test to prove they have not been smoking.

The ruling, authorised by Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt, comes after medical research conclusively showed smokers take longer to recover from surgery.

It is thought that 500,000 smokers a year will be affected.

However patients' groups argue that the move is about the NHS saving money rather than improving patient care.

They claim that health trusts do not want to operate on smokers because they stay in hospital longer, blocking beds and costing more to treat.

The ruling applies to routine operations such as hip replacements and heart surgery for conditions that are not immediately life-threatening.

If smokers refuse to give up, they are still likely to be treated but may have to wait longer.

Today it's smoking.  What will it be tomorrow?  Alcohol consumption?  Obesity?  It's only a matter of time.  I guess "freedom of choice" only applies to abortion.


A few things that the all-knowing (but not all-reporting) MSM may have forgotten to tell us about:


BAGHDAD, Iraq - Coalition Forces killed six terrorists and detained 18 suspected terrorists in operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq Thursday and Friday.
North of Fallujah Thursday afternoon, Coalition Forces conducted an operation to capture suspected terrorists allegedly associated with al-Qaeda senior leadership.  Coalition Forces attempted to stop their vehicle, but when the suspected terrorists resisted, Coalition Forces used proper escalation of force measures and engaged the vehicle with automatic weapons, killing three men.
Inside the vehicle, Coalition Forces found two mortar rounds, a rifle and an approximately 100-pound improvised explosive device.  The vehicle and heavy explosives were safely destroyed on site.
While Coalition Forces were at the scene, they received small arms fire from a nearby orchard.  Taking appropriate self-defense measures, the ground forces engaged the armed terrorists, killing three.  Coalition Forces also found grenades and assault vests in the orchard.
In a follow-on operation Friday morning, Coalition Forces detained one suspected terrorist in a building north of Fallujah for his alleged ties to al-Qaeda senior leaders.  

Iraqi Special Operations Forces conduct early-morning operation

BAGHDAD – Iraqi Special Operations Forces conducted an early morning intelligence driven operation June 3 targeting a suspected senior militia leader. The targeted individual is responsible for coordinating and conducting kidnappings, small arms attacks against innocent civilians and Coalition Forces, inciting sectarian violence and directing the placement of improvised explosive devices.

The operation centered on a government building in Baghdad where the targeted individual was believed to be located.

While conducting this operation, ISOF came under heavy small arms fire from unknown insurgents. ISOF suppressed the attack with well-aimed fire.

Suspected EFP facilitator detained

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi and Coalition Forces detained one suspected terrorist and killed another terrorist Monday morning during raids in Baghdad.

The individual detained during the raid is believed to be a member of the secret cell terrorist network known for facilitating the transport of weapons and explosively formed penetrators, or EFPs, from Iran to Iraq, as well as bringing militants from Iraq to Iran for terrorist training.

During the course of the morning's operations, Coalition Forces entered the roof of a targeted building.

While on the roof, one armed terrorist attempted to engage Coalition Forces with an AK-47.

Responding to the perceived threat, Coalition Forces engaged the armed terrorist, killing him.

Intelligence reports indicate the suspected terrorist detained during the morning raids is an integral member of the improvised explosive devises and EFP facilitation network.

He is also believed to be responsible for numerous attacks against Coalition Forces, including heavy involvement in mortar attacks, personally observing and adjusting fire in the past two days.

With Paris going to jail and Lindsay in rehab (again), I guess the newsies have just been too busy to give much attention to the stories mentioned above.  But they did take time out of their busy schedules to report on US casualties.  I guess that was all we really needed to know about Iraq anyway.


You might want to pass this info on to any military family members you know.

New scam targets military spouses

5/31/2007 - WASHINGTON (AFPN) -- The American Red Cross is warning military spouses about a new identity-theft scam that targets family members of deployed troops.

The Red Cross was alerted of the scam earlier this month, said Devorah Goldburg of the Red Cross.

The scam involves a person with an American accent calling a military spouse, identifying herself as a representative of the Red Cross, and telling the spouse that her husband was hurt in Iraq and was medically evacuated to Germany. The caller then says that doctors can't start treatment until paperwork is completed, and that to start the paperwork they need the spouse to verify her husband's social security number and date of birth.

It is hard to determine how many spouses have been targeted by this scam, Ms. Goldburg said, as there are many ways for spouses to report problems like this. However, one confirmed report was enough for the Red Cross to act, she said.

"We know that it happened to one person; it was probably going to happen to others, and we wanted to be prudent and alert people," she said.

American Red Cross representatives typically do not contact military members or dependents directly and almost always go through a commander or first sergeant, according to a Red Cross news release. Military family members are urged not to give out any personal information over the phone if contacted by unknown individuals, including confirmation that their spouse is deployed.

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