Wednesday, April 13, 2005


According to Michelle Malkin's April 13th column, Senator Hillary Clinton was in Minnesota preaching to the faithful recently :
Singing from the same hysteria-promoting hymn book in Minnesota this week, Sen. Hillary Clinton further stoked Democratic madness. Sarcastically praising the elections in Afghanistan and Iraq, Sen. Clinton pounced: "I believe that the right to vote and the obligation to count all the votes should be promoted not just in the Middle East, but in the Middle West! And in the Northeast! And in the Southeast! And in every. Corner. Of. The. United. States. Of. A-MEH-rica!"

The crowd went wild. Sen. Clinton continued: Too many minorities and college students have been "denied an equal right" to vote, she exclaimed.

Malkin also includes a recent quote from Senator John Kerry:
''Last year, too many people were denied their right to vote, too many who tried to vote were intimidated.''

There you have it. Two Senators who believe that everyone should have the right to vote. That being the case, why don't these two champions of enfranchisement lead the charge in ending the filibuster on judicial nominees in the Senate. After all, what is a filibuster? It's disenfranchisement, plain and simple. Senators, both Democrats and Republicans, are being denied the right to vote on President Bush's judicial nominees. Don't like the nominees? Then vote them down. But don't steal the vote from those who disagree with you. Not only have the Senators been disenfranchised, their constituencies are being disenfranchised. Why should the people send a Senator to Washington if said Senator won't be allowed to do the people's bidding.

They say that charity begins at home. Maybe justice does, too. It's about time Hillary & Co. start practicing what they preach.

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