Thursday, June 23, 2005


I've been hearing a lot about this case via the rumor mill. My sources are second-hand, but reliable. Be that as it may, I hesitate to post any of this info on the blog. I don't want to mess up the Army's legal case against Martinez or violate his rights--yes, even someone accused of a hideous crime like this has rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the UCMJ. I can confirm that WTEN Channel 10 is reporting the following:
A Schaghticoke man accused of killing two superior officers in Iraq was the subject of an Army investigation prior to the alleged murders.

The New York Post is reporting Staff Sergeant Alberto Martinez was the target of the probe looking into irregularities connected to his job as a supply sergeant with the 42nd Infantry Division of the Army National Guard based in Troy.

The report said something had gone wrong in the logistical charin which often refers to missing equipment.

Military officials would neither confirm nor deny the report.

Martinez is charged with the murders of Lieutentant Louis Allen and Captain Phillip Esposito after he allegedly set off an explosive device.

(emphasis mine)

Irregularities? Let's just say that would jibe with the info coming from the rumor mill. And with the fact that Martinez had military ordnance in the basement of his house in Cohoes, NY.

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