Tuesday, November 14, 2006


It looks like the Dems will continue to block confirmation of John Bolton as Ambassador to the UN.  It's not that they vote "no" on Bolton, it's that they won't even let a vote come to the floor of the Senate.  To his credit, the President is standing by Bolton.  For now.  To understand the thought processes behind the Dem's strategy, just take a look at this quote from Senator Joseph Biden:

"Mr. President, if you really mean it, that you really want to cooperate and have a bipartisan (support) -- play by the rules, Mr. President. ... Send somebody else," Sen. Joseph Biden, a Delaware Democrat who is expected to head the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in January, said on "This Week."

That's the Democrat definition of "bipartisan."  The President and the GOP give up on everything they want, and do it the Democrat way.  So much for "meet us halfway."

What the President ought to do is force the issue.  Bring the Bolton confirmation to the floor of the Senate.  If he's voted down, you'll get another nominee.  Refuse to bring the vote to the Senate floor, and you'll get another recess appointment.  Donald Rumsfeld.  Yeah, that's right.  Ambassador Rummy.  You wanna play games?  OK, let's play games.  How about hardball?

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