Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I was watching Good Morning America this morning, when I saw a report on the "purging" of US Attorneys by the Bush administration.  The report made this out to be a serious issue and an unprecented move.  When the report was over, they turned to acting co-anchor George Stephanopoulos for his take on the political ramifications of this.  Not one mention was made of the fact that former President Clinton--Stephanopoulos' ex-boss--fired all but one of the US Attorneys when he took office.  Did these ace journalists not know this?  Stephanopoulos has to know it.  But there was no mention.  And there is no mention of it in this article on the ABC News website.  It appears that the Democrats, and their lapdogs in the media, are counting on the ignorance of the American people.  Again.  But why shouldn't they?  It's worked before, hasn't it?

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