Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Outraged! Outraged, I say!

I guess Barack Obama has finally had his Sista Souljah monent.
Obama says he's outraged by former pastor's comments

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) - Democrat Barack Obama said Tuesday he was outraged and appalled by the latest comments from his former pastor, who asserted that criticism of his fiery sermons is an attack on the black church and the U.S. government was responsible for the creation of the AIDS virus.

The presidential candidate is seeking to tamp down the growing fury over Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his incendiary remarks that threaten to undermine his campaign.

"I am outraged by the comments that were made and saddened by the spectacle that we saw yesterday," Obama told reporters at a news conference.

After weeks of staying out of the public eye while critics lambasted his sermons, Wright made three public appearances in four days to defend himself. The former pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago has been combative, providing colorful commentary and feeding the story Obama had hoped was dying down.

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Let's see, it took him 20 years as a member of Rev. Wright's flock, and another couple months as a Presidential candidate to figure out that Wright is an extremist nut. From where I sit, that can be chalked up to one of three things:

1. Obama is very slow on the uptake.

2. Obama figured it out long ago, but lacked the guts to speak up.

3. Obama is feigning outrage in order to put the issue to rest so he can refocus our collective attention on his mantra of "change."

So, which is it? Is he dumb, gutless, or a slick-talking con man who thinks we're all idiots? Whichever one it is, I wouldn't want this guy in the big chair during a time of crisis. Would you?

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