Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Got a chance to look around the blogosphere recently. As usual, I found some interesting stuff.

DarthVOB has returned to the blogosphere after a two month hiatus. I was worried that he had been deployed to outer Mongolia. Luckily, he has not.

Baldilocks has also returned to regular blogging after a brief hiatus. Apparently, work got in the way of her blogging (I hate it when that happens). She hasn't lost her edge, though. Today, she handed a cyber ass-kicking to Eason "they're shooting at us, they're shooting at us!" Jordan.

Phoenix points out a really funny cartoon about bloggers. She also comes clean about her name and her bedtime attire.
I mean, I'm not even a pajama kind of girl. I'm more the silk nightie and satin teddy type. Does that put me in the same bracket as that dirty DC blogger who I won't even link to? Ick. Creepy.

Froggy, who has not disclosed his jammie preference (since he's a SEAL, I'd guess he has two sets; one neoprene, the other rip-stop cotton), has an interesting post about yet another way in which lawyers have insinuated themselves into our war effort. Haven't those blood-sucking SOBs done enough damage already? (apologies to the honorable lawyers out there)

The Laffin' Woof has an interesting idea about how we should treat the death-grip with which the powers-that-be are holding on to the Davos tapes that would prove once and for all what Eason Jordan said (or didn't say). He also has a link to a really cool wolf picture.

Tammi ponders relationships.

Teresa's son is being deployed.

Blackfive tells us that Scott Ritter has found a new job.

Smash has a post about a Popular Mechanics article that debunks all the loopy 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Damn, there's a lotta good stuff out there. The Pajamahedeen have been busy.

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