Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The question of whether to let a UAE based--and government owned--company take control of several major ports in the US was such a no-brainer that I wasn't going to bother posting about it. But since even Rush Limbaugh seems to be in favor of the deal, I just have to say something. I have two major concerns about the prospect of Dubai Ports World taking over ports in New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, Miami, Philadelphia and Baltimore:

Having a UAE-based company running the ports would give terrorists an excellent opportunity to place personnel in a position where they could gather intelligence about our port security. Information like security strengths, weaknesses, and shipping schedules would be essential in planning any large scale terrorist operation. We're already weak in the port security department. Why make the terrorists job any easier?

Look who's in favor of the deal. Jimmy "Punked by Islamic Extremists" Carter.
"The overall threat to the United States and security, I don't think it's exists," Carter told CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

"My belief is that the president and his secretary of state, the Defense Department and others have adequately cleared the Dubai government or organization to manage their ports," Carter added. "I don't think there's any particular threat to our security."

Considering his track record in dealing with Islamic extremists, anything Carter suggests is most certainly wrong. This is a really (really) bad idea folks. Lets not put dollars ahead of sense.

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