Monday, June 12, 2006


Or progressives, or whatever name you're going by these days.

1. You want us to close Guantanamo. You have a fit when we send detainees back to their home countries (rendition). Exactly what are we supposed to do with the terrorists we capture overseas?

2. You constantly decry the fact that the upper classes aren't pulling their own weight in regard to serving in the military. To that end, when will you stop trying to block access to college campuses by military recruiters and ROTC programs?

3. You constantly criticize the president for not "getting bin Laden." When old binny finally gets whacked, are you going to downplay the significance of the event the way you have with Zarqawi's demise?

4. Why does John Murtha's service as a Marine in Vietnam give him absolute authority to comment on the war, while Oliver North's does not?

5. Why are our troops automatically presumed guilty of any war crime they are accused of, while Tookie Williams and Mumia Abu Jamal deserve the benefit of the doubt?

6. If our troops are really committing all these war crimes, why do you support them (as you claim to)?

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