Thursday, June 29, 2006


Have you ever watched a slasher movie? You know the kind;
Halloween, Friday the 13th, and so forth. Near the end of the
movie, the same kind of scene plays out in most of these flicks.
One of the characters, and it's usually a woman (hey don't blame
me, I don't write the things), escapes the house where all of
her friends were killed. She gets to the sidewalk, and what does
she do? She turns around and goes back inside the house. The
house where she found all her friends' mutilated bodies. The
house where the killer is. And you're screaming at the screen as
she does, "don't do that!!! What the hell are you
thinking?!?!" But it's ok, it's only a movie. Right?

Well, I found myself yelling those same lines at my computer
today as I read about the SCOTUS' decision in the Hamdan case.
Am I the only one who sees this as a war? Am I the only one who
believes our country is in danger (from something besides global
warming, that is)? I wish this was only a movie.

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