Thursday, September 14, 2006


It looks like Ned Lamont can count on some help from a former president in his bid to buy a Senate seat.

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Democrat Ned Lamont's senatorial campaign got a boost Wednesday from former President Carter, who offered a blistering critique of Lieberman's support for the Iraq war. "He was one of the originators of public statements that misled the American people into believing that the Iraqi war was justified," the former Democratic president said on CNN's "Larry King Live."

"He's joined in with the Republican spokespersons by saying that Democrats who disagree are really supporting terrorism," Carter said. "So for all these reasons, I've lost my confidence in Joe Lieberman and don't wish to see him re-elected."

So, an endorsement from Jimmy "Punked by Islamic Extremists" Carter is considered a "boost?"  Quick history lesson:  Jimmy lost Connecticut to Ronald Reagan by 11% in the 1980 election.  Hell, he even lost the state to Gerald Ford in the 1976 election.  So, how is this a boost?

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