Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Now here's a shocker.  A recent study supports the belief that celebrities are more narcissistic than the average person.  From Forbes:

In case anyone needed proof, a new study supports the widely held perception: Celebrities are more in love with themselves than the average person.

That's the conclusion drawn by Drew Pinsky and S. Mark Young of the University of Southern California, whose study of 200 celebrities will appear in the Journal of Research in Personality.

It's not the entertainment industry that turns stars into narcissists, the study found. Rather, it suggests, the self-adoring seek jobs in show business.

The study, whose subjects were all guests on Pinsky's sex-advice radio show - not a place for shrinking violets - found that reality TV stars were the most narcissistic of all celebrities. Female stars were also more likely than their male counterparts to exhibit narcissistic traits.

Can you believe it?  That little bit of information caught me totally off guard.  I always thought that big stars are just like the rest of us.  Except smarter.  And better looking.  And more compassionate.

In related news, Vanity Fair has the exclusive on Tom and Katie's baby.

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