Sunday, January 27, 2008


So Hillary (and co-presidential candidate Bill) Clinton got beaten in SC--beaten badly, as it turns out. Barrack Obama, we are told, is the next JFK. Even Senator Teddy boy is set to endorse him. And kids love him. Yeah, even the white ones.

So what's next for Hillary on her journey to coronation? Expect to see her reinvent herself...again. And expect to see Bill shoved into the background. As it turns out, even Democrats are sick of blow-hard Bill.

But what happens if the polls--and you know Hill and Bill will be watching the polls--leading up to Super Tuesday show Obama in the lead? I don't know about you, but I'm thinking that that's when the gloves will come off. Oh, Hillary will still be sweet as pie. And Bill will stay silent, if they can keep him under control. But the surrogates will hit the streets in force. Those dedicated Clinton loyalists who were deployed to save Bill's bacon during his impeachment will show up on the TV news shows to reveal what the Clinton Secret Police have dug up on Obama. And it won't be pretty.

The question is this: How will the voters react? Will they be disgusted, but vote for Hillary anyway? Or will they finally punish the "politics of personal destruction" at the ballot box?

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