Friday, April 28, 2006


So why are we having a debate on "immigration?" Isn't the point of contention the people who enter this country illegally, or the people who come here legally and overstay their visas? Immigrants are people who go through an immigration process. Those who fail to go through the process are not immigrants. They are illegal aliens, plain and simple. Calling them immigrants is just ducking the serious questions by changing the subject. No one in his right mind would refer to burglarizing the local Holiday Inn as "checking in to a hotel." And no one would refer to the interloper as a "guest." He is a burglar. Or, at the very least, a trespasser. So let's get it right, and stop letting liberals (and their lap-dogs in the media) neutralize our position by letting them deny us the proper terminology to define the real problem here. We need to have a debate on illegal aliens and on securing our borders. Immigration is a different subject. And a debate for another day.

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