Friday, April 21, 2006


Retired Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North weighs in on the recent
"attack of the retired generals."

Set aside for a moment that these are all men
who helped plan various aspects of the war
they now say was poorly planned. With the
exception of Zinni, who served as CENTCOM
commander during the Clinton administration,
they all accepted promotions to "serve" under
Commander in Chief Bush and helped carry out a
plan they now claim to be irreparably flawed.
If the jawing generals felt then as they say
they do now -- why didn't they just quit --
before their promotions and pay raises?

It's been done before. On April 21, 1980,
Secretary of State Cyrus Vance tendered his
resignation and privately confided to President
Jimmy Carter, "I know how deeply you have
pondered your decision on Iran. I wish I could
support you in it. But for the reasons we have
discussed I cannot." The secretary of state was
referring to the mission -- three days later --
to rescue American hostages -- an operation he
had steadfastly opposed. Unlike the "six-pack"
of generals now castigating the war they helped
plan and execute -- Vance had the integrity to
make his views known during planning for the
Iran operation -- and the courage to quit when
the commander in chief decided to proceed over
his objections.

North actually took some time to research this story and ask
the hard questions -- things that our illustrious media can't
be bothered to do.

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