Wednesday, July 12, 2006


After endless whining about how President Bush uses the war and the military for political purposes, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has produced a video that uses images of flag-draped coffins to push their candidates. More proof that there is no depth too low for these folks to sink to in their single-minded quest for power.

The video is not only shameless and offensive, it's disingenuous. Did you see Tom Delay's mug shot in the video? It looked something like this:

So, where'd that come from? This is Tom Delay's mug shot:

Check out the number on the fake mugshot: 9110GOP. Hmm, I wonder what the significance of that is. It's obvious why they used the fake mugshot, it's less flattering and makes a more emotion-packed statement. But what does that say, when a political party has to use photoshopped pictures of its opponents in a campaign ad? How many other images in the video are faked? Are the coffins even real? Only the DCCC Ministry of Propaganda can provide an answer to that. Don't hold your breath waiting for one.

h/t: Blackfive

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