Friday, July 14, 2006


Well, well, well. So Valerie "Double-O Soccer Mom" Plame and Joe "My 15 Minutes of Fame are NOT Up Yet" Wilson are going to sue, are they? Well isn't that special? I guess Cheney, Rove, and Libby are all shaking in their boots.

Look for this case to go nowhere. Not because the Special Prosecutor found no evidence of leaking. Not because Plame's position didn't meet the criteria for an "undercover" job. And not because Bob Novak says that he saw no evidence of a smear campaign. No, this case is going nowhere because Joe and Val don't want to answer questions like this:

"Mrs. Wilson, what role did you play in your husband being selected for this mission to Niger."

"Mrs. Wilson, considering that you were allegedly working undercover, do you think it was wise for your husband to go on such a mission? And to write about it in the NY Times? And to become a high-profile critic of the President and the war? And to put your name in his 'Who's Who' bio? And on his company's website bio?"

And my favorite:

"Mr. Wilson, considering the national security importance of your mission to Niger, what made you think that you -- a man who lacked military, intelligence, or investigative experience -- were qualified to go on such a mission?"

It's not that I think that Joe and Val lack answers to these questions, it's that I don't think they have any answers they'd want to try under oath.

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