Monday, August 14, 2006


Check out the interview with journalist and terrorism expert Steven Emerson at Planet Jackson Hole.  My choice for the best question, and the most spot-on answer:

PJH: Would distancing ourselves from Israel remove the bull's-eye from the United States? Would it ensure our country any kind of protection from attack?

SE: No, it would not make a difference at all. It would only whet the appetite further. Fundamentalists would say, "See, we can force the U.S. policy. Let's force them out of Iraq. Let's force them out of Qatar. Let's start making other demands." If Israel were to disappear tomorrow and was replaced by a fundamentalist Islamic state they would only use that state as a springboard to carry out acts of terrorism against other countries. Whether Israel exists or not, radical Islam will exist.

I'm sure the pro-Palestinian segment of the antiwar left and the blame-America-first crowd would disagree.  But who cares?  They're wrong on most things anyway.

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