Monday, October 23, 2006


There's a column on by Paul Reickoff about which members of Congress support the troops.  The column contains a link to the website of the Iraq and Afghnaistan Veterans of America (of which Reickoff is Executive Director).  The IAVA site allows you to search for any member of the House or the Senate and to see the score the IAVA gives them for their support of the troops. 

I went to the site and checked out the scores of the Senators and Congressional Representatives from New York.  Much to my surprise (insert sarcastic tone here), all of the Democrats got scores of "B-" and above (except for Major Owens, who got a "C"), and all of the Republicans got a score of "C+" or below.  Now how could that be?  The IAVA is "nonpartisan," or so Reickoff claims in his column.

I did a Google search using the keywords "IAVA" and "partisan."  I found this post on Blackfive's site from March of 2006.  To summarize:

The IAVA has a few good points to make, but most of their intent is purely partisan politics.  Let's hope that their pro-military/pro-veteran stances aren't drowned out by opportunists like Gen. Clark and partisan political bull$#*!.

Hmm.  Maybe the IAVA is partisan after all.  On the other hand, maybe they aren't, and Blackfive is the one who doesn't support the troops.  But I'm inclined to believe the former.  And the latter is just ridiculous.

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