Monday, October 02, 2006


In his latest column, Brian Bresnahan, a former Major in the USMC takes on the spate of leaks coming from our intelligence community.

The potential damage and consequences to our nation from what is becoming an increasingly transparent intelligence community are immeasurable, but they are not intangible. Predicting the worst-case scenario because our nation's secrets can't be kept is suddenly not just something that has to be done as a matter of planning and war game preparation. It becomes a necessary exercise because the possibility of someone using our own information to harm us has gotten one step closer to reality.

A passionate concern for our nation's top secrets should apply regardless of the administration or political party in charge. America's classified material needs to be kept classified and only published for public consumption under the laws and through the processes established for doing so. Acceptance or indifference of anything less than strict adherence to these laws sets a dangerous precedent all future administrations and generations will suffer from.

Damn right!  It's time the Bush administration started doing something about all these leaks.  I know why they aren't.  They're afraid that investigation of the leaks, and the subsequent prosecution of the leakers will look politically motivated.  But a politically motivated failure to investigate and prosecute is just as reprehensible as politically motivated investigations and prosecutions. 

National security is at stake here.  The defense of our country is more important than avoiding verbal attacks by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  They're going to criticize anyway.  It's better to catch hell for doing the right thing than to catch hell for sitting on your ass.  It's high time we start locking these blabbermouths in the intel community up.  We're at war, people.  Screw politics.

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