Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The antiwar, anti-Bush crowd is always crying about how no one has the right to question their patriotism. In fact, they tell us that their protests and criticisms are patriotic. So, are they patriots? What is a patriot. From Merriam-Webster Online:
one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests

I'll concede that some of them are. But some of them, too many of them, aren't. Like the sorry excuses for humanity that are responsible for this:

I took these pictures this morning in the town of Clifton Park, NY. Here's some background on the story from the Albany Times Union:
Vandals desecrate Old Glory

CLIFTON PARK -- Someone spray-painted obscenities on a prominent American flag visible from the Northway and a nearby American Legion memorial.

The graffiti "(expletive) Bush" and a depiction of a penis were scrawled on the 20-by-40-foot flag attached to the side of Wit's End gift shop in Clifton Park and visible from the Northway between exits 9 and 10.

Similar pictures in the same shade of green were painted on the American Legion Mohawk Post on Grooms Road in Halfmoon. Vandals defaced a rear door and white fence that surrounds its recently built memorial to deceased veterans, past commander Bob Dyer said Monday.

He and Wit's End owner Susan Hoffman said they believe the sites were damaged sometime Saturday night. The graffiti, and disbelief, remained Monday as cleanup strategies were being considered.

"The most outrageous thing is they did it on the flag," Hoffman said. "It's not the place to air your political views and make statements."

She said passing motorists spotted the vandalism, which marred the flag's white stripes, and called from cellphones to inform her of the damage.

Defacing the flag, especially by writing obscenities and drawing genital pictures on it, is not patriotic. It's immature and it's disrepectful. And it's about the level of discourse I expect from the left these days.

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