Friday, January 19, 2007


I saw this story linked on the Drudge Report.  From the Hollywood Reporter:

Redford lands left hook, criticizes Bush policy

PARK CITY -- Robert Redford came out swinging at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival's opening news conference Thursday, attacking the Bush administration for its politics as strongly as he dismissed film buyers who want his fest to serve as a market.

"Anyone with a rational mind and a sense of decency is being positioned as a lefty by the extreme right," he said, responding to an attendee who asked whether he thought Sundance selections were politically oriented to the left. "I believe in the tenets of democracy, and when they get pushed, it pisses me off," he said.

Redford maintained that Sundance films always have been politically diverse but said that "in light of what's happened in the past six years, we haven't adhered to snuffing attempts from the administration. ... (Documentaries) have become more of a truth to power in an environment where lying is treated like a political asset."

"I'm left-handed," he joked. "I'm not a very moderate person."

So, first he complains about his political opponents labeling him and other dissenters as "lefty."  Then, in the same sentence no less, he labels said opponents as "the extreme right."  Irony, anyone?  And just to make the ridiculousness of his statement complete, he basically admits that he is a lefty.  This would be funnier if there weren't so many people who take these clowns seriously.

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