Thursday, May 20, 2004

We've had some really strong winds here for the last couple of days. Yesterday, the sand was blowing everywhere. Visibility got so bad for a while, it reminded me of a snowstorm back home. There's nothing like that gritty feeling of sand in your teeth. The wierd part is the temperature. At home, when it's really windy, it's usually on the chilly side too. High winds and 100 degree heat just don't seem like they go together.

The following items make for some interesting reading (Study them thoroughly, you'll be tested on this material):

-Robert Spencer has an excellent article on what we're up against in the war on terrorism, and it's not just about 9/11.

-Joel Mowbray examines the media's conduct in covering the war in Iraq.

-Greyhawk examines the Orwellian turn that modern American politics have taken.

-The always-brilliant Michelle Malkin takes a look at political correctness and customer service.

-Christopher Hitchens takes a look at Seymour Hersh's Abu Ghraib "expose".

-Chief Wiggles, an Army interrogator who served in Iraq, writes an open letter to the media. Apparently, Tony Snow at Fox News has taken the Chief up on his offer.

-Kate, at the Roadkill Diaries, spills the beans about the vast right wing conspiracy.

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