Monday, May 24, 2004

President Bush suffered minor injuries in a bicycle accident last weekend. Wannabe President John Kerry commented about the accident in front of media members (and cameras). "Did the training wheels fall off?" Kerry asked. Mildly amusing, but somewhat inappropriate for a presidential candidate when commenting on his opponent. It would seem that many in the media agree. Curiously, a search of Google News at 11 a.m. EDT showed only 5 stories posted about the remark. Three of the stories were on "right wing" news sites: National Review Online, The Washington Times, and Worldnet Daily. So much for the public's right to know.

In a continuation of the left's fixation on their heyday (1960s to the 1970s), Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, compares President Bush to Richard Nixon.

Madonna has cancelled some concerts scheduled in Israel due to death threats against her and her children. Baldilocks has an interesting take on the situation.

Smash attended another anti-war rally in San Diego. He overcame the temptation to buy a copy of The Socialist Worker.

A soldier recently convicted of desertion turns out to be the son of a prominent leftist.

Tammy Bruce puts the Abu Ghraib scandal in perspective.

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