Wednesday, May 05, 2004

It's starting to get hot here. It has broken 100 degrees F every day this week. I'm told it'll get a lot worse when summer arrives. I ordered flowers for my wife and my mother for Mother's Day. Thank God for FTD. I'm scheduled to have Saturday off. Hopefully, I can get into town. I need to buy some genuine Arab-world type souveniers while I'm here.

I've been trying to keep up with the news back home. Thankfully, access to the internet makes that easier for me. Some of the following items caught my attention:

-Michelle Malkin wrote an excellent column about the demonization of talk radio hosts by apologists for the Islamic extremists. She hits the nail right on the head (as always). These guys have done the same thing to Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson, two of the country's leading experts on Islamic extremism.

-Dick Morris thinks that former President Clinton is trying to sabotage John Kerry's run for the Presidency.

-Over 200 Navy and Coast Guard veterans have come out against John Kerry's run for White House, claiming that he is unfit for office. Many of these vets signed an open letter to him calling on the Senator to fully account for his war record.

-The doctor who treated Kerry for one of the in juries that he was awarded a Purple Heart for speaks out.

-A shameless anti-war cartoonist drew a tasteless cartoon about Pat Tillman.

That last one really made my blood boil. It's amazing how the purveyors of compassion can be so mean-spirited. They can't be satisfied with just making an argument for their beliefs. They have to demonize those who dare to disagree. Now even bloggers are finding themselves in the crosshairs. LT Smash and Glenn Reynolds have been declared guilty of McCarthyism for pointing out some of the more vicious things being said by members of the anti-war crowd. McCarthyism is the Left's H-bomb. It won't be too long before most people in the US don't know about old Tail Gunner Joe. I guess they'd better get all the mileage out of him they can while there's still time.

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