Saturday, May 22, 2004

In my life I've had to deal with more than my share of fools (haven't we all). Dealing with them is never easy. In fact it's often frustrating. I've found that it helps if you know what you're up against. Fools aren't all the same. While the little details may vary, I've found that fools fall into three categories:

The people in this category don't have a clue. They just don't know better. This type of foolishness can be erased with education. With patience and a little effort, you can cure ignorance. Remember, we've all been ignorant from time to time.

Like the ignorant, these folks don't have a clue. The difference is that they wouldn't know what to do with one if they had it. You can try educating them, but if they just aren't getting it, you need to know when to give it up. No use beating your head against a wall (it'll leave a mark, trust me).

The people in this group are the most frustrating fools of all. They don't have a clue. Furthermore, they don't want one. These are the people who plug their ears and sing loudly so as not to let any information in that may contradict their preconceived notions. These fools are the most dangerous of all. They aren't innately stupid, and they aren't completely ignorant. They're willing to learn everything they can to support their belief system. Contradictory information is dismissed, usually with an attack on the source of that information ("Oh they're biased." Yeah? Look who's talkin'). These people are over-represented in certain occupations, especially entertainers, activists, and career politicians. The willfully stupid are especially susceptible to wacky conspiracy theories. If you encounter one of the willfully stupid, just stay calm and walk slowly away. If you encounter a large group of them, run like hell. If one of them ever offers you a drink, whatever you do, don't drink it!!! Especially if it's Kool-Aid.

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