Monday, July 26, 2004

Drudge is reporting that the Boston Herald has unearthed excerpts from a book that Theresa Heinz Kerry wrote in 1975 in which she lamented the "putrid politics" of the Democratic Party and said:
"I know some couples who stay together only for politics," Heinz Kerry said at the time. "If Ted Kennedy holds on to that marriage (to ex-wife Joan) just for the Catholic vote, as some people say he does, then I think he's a perfect bastard."

The Herald piece also includes a quote from a 1971 interview:
In an interview with The Washington Post in 1971, Heinz Kerry declared, "Ted Kennedy I don't trust, like I don't trust Nixon, although I think Nixon's done a helluva lot better than I thought he would."

Looks like the Senator from MA (John Kerry, not the "perfect bastard") is going to have his hands full this election season. Not that anyone would be surprised by that. Two words of advice for Senator Kerry: duct tape.

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