Monday, October 18, 2004


Former VP Al Gore blasted President Bush in a speech today.
"It is beyond incompetence – it is recklessness that risks the safety and security of the American people," the former vice president said during a speech at Georgetown University.

Gore, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2000 and loser of that bitterly contested election, complained that Bush's refusal to budge from "a rigid, right-wing ideology" has led him to forbid any dissent and ignore warnings that may conflict with his assumptions about Iraq, tax cuts and other policy issues.

"He is arrogantly out of touch with reality," Gore said. "He refuses to ever admit mistakes. Which means that so long as he is our president, we are doomed to repeat them."

The speech, sponsored by the liberal activist group, was billed as Gore's last major policy speech before the Nov. 2 election. He delivered his remarks in strong but measured tones, avoiding the overheated passion that had marked several of his appearances earlier this year.

I'm not sure which is more ridiculous, ranting about rigid ideology at an event sponsored by, or accusations of being "out of touch with reality" coming from a man who endorsed Howard Dean (and encouraged the eight other candidates for the Democratic nomination to drop out of the race).

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