Friday, October 15, 2004

Are you feeling a draft? Senator Kerry is, and he's sharing it with the electorate. Old Cap'n Flip-flop has gone from alluding to a return to the military draft, to saying outright that its return is in the works if President Bush is reelected.
Des Moines, IA, Oct. 15 (UPI) -- Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry said there is a "great potential" for the reinstitution of a military draft if President Bush is re-elected.

"With George Bush, the plan for Iraq is more of the same and the great potential of a draft," Kerry said during an interview with the Des Moines Register before speaking at an Iowa State Fairgrounds rally.

I guess that the Cap'n forgot that the bill that would reinstate the draft was soundly defeated in the House of representatives earlier this month.

Still, the Democrats' scare tactics are having an effect. It wouldn't be the first time that the Dems have whipped up emotion in order to trump reason. As retired USAF First Sergeant Rod Powers points out, the news media isn't helping matters any.
Various newspaper and magazine articles make it appear that the military is having problems attracting recruits and retaining members. Nothing could be further from the truth. They interview a few soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, who state they are getting out, and use that as "proof" that the services are having problems with recruiting and retention. The truth of the matter is that all of the active duty services have made their recruiting and retention goals this year, and for the past eight straight years. The first-term re-enlistment rate is about 50 percent, and for those re-enlisting for third and fourth terms is about 80 to 85 percent (and that's exactly where the services want those rates to be -- any higher would stagnate promotions).

Powers has written an excellent, and very detailed article on why a return to the draft is unlikely. You can read it here; then you'll have more ammo to use the next time you hear one of Cap'n Flip-flop's koolaid vendors telling people "Bush is bringing back the draft!" You probably won't convince the koolaid dweeb, but you may save a few folks from being persuaded. I'm beginning to believe that stupidity is contagious. We all have to do our part to stop the spread.

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