Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Blackfive addresses the shameful way in which one of the presidential candidates is campaigning on the issue of the GWoT.
You have read letters that I have posted here from Combat Commanders writing about (1) the media's anti-war and anti-Bush agenda and (2) how a few words from a certain presidential candidate is spurring the enemy to fight on.

In turn, the terrorist bombings fuel the far left's anti-war and anti-Bush fervor. Yesterday, John Kerry said it's a "bigger mess by the day."

I've said it before, "You can't be anti-war and support the troops at the same time." It just doesn't work. The terrorists are encouraged by anti-war rhetoric. And they will keep striking harder as our resolve appears to weaken.

B5's point, one which the left in this country cannot seem to grasp, is that war is a holistic thing. Armies do not win wars, nations do. World War II was not just fought by the brave members of the allied militaries. It was fought by the people on the homefront too. From Rosie the Riveter, to the people with victory gardens,everyone did their part to win that war.

Colin Powell once said "perpetual optimism is a force multiplier." I agree with that sentiment 100%. There is, however, another side to that coin. Perpetual pessimism is a force divider. If the folks on the homefront sink into an attitudinal abyss, our troops will too. They are not robots, they are human, just like the rest us. They cannot maintain a positive attitude when high ranking political officials continuously denigrate their mission. Soldiers derive a great deal of their pride from their mission. When you tell a soldier that his mission is pointless, you are telling him that his existence and his sacrifices are pointless. That's not much of a morale booster.

Either Senator Kerry does not know this (which would mean he is extremely stupid), or he does not care (which would mean he is extremely callous). As B5 points out, this is not a new M.O. for John Forbes Kerry.
John Kerry fought in Vietnam for four months, then came home and lied about the courage and valor of our military in order to get elected. And he's doing it all over again in order to win the presidency.

Sure Kerry was in Vietnam. Well, Bennedict Arnold wasn't a coward either.

They both turned against their brothers.

The piece goes on to list some good ways you can support the troops. You can read the rest of it here. Then keep it in mind when you pull that lever/punch that card/touch that screen on Tuesday.

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