Sunday, October 17, 2004

At a time when information and personnel security are most critical for the US military, a disturbing story emerges about a major lapse in the military's security controls. This story was brought to my attention via Michelle Malkin's blog.
Last week's issue of People magazine has a brief article about Liliana Plata, an illegal alien from Mexico who allegedly entered the Air Force by pretending to be Cristina Alaniz, a student at Texas State University. According to news reports, Plata was able to join the Air Force using identity documents she had purchased on the black market in Los Angeles for about $2,000. Plata argues that she should be spared punishment for fraud, and be spared punishment for violating our immigration laws, and be spared for deceiving the U.S. government because she served honorably in Iraq. A lot of soft-headed, open borders sympathizers agree with her.

Spared punishment? Let's see, identity theft, fraud, forgery, falsifying official documents (try one count for each document she signed as Cristina Alaniz); this dumbass has committed a whole slew of felonies. Wearing your country's uniform, or in this case, the uniform of someone else's country, is a privilige and an honor. It is not a "get out of jail free" card. They ought to throw the book at this bimbo.

Speaking of punishment, someone in the Air Force recruiting and personnel system really dropped the ball here. There are at least a few folks in need of a severe spanking over this. I doubt it will actually happen, but I hope I'm wrong. The next person who slips through the cracks could turn out to be a terrorist, or a terrorist sympathizer. For all we know, one already has.

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