Monday, May 09, 2005


It's looking like some of our intrepid "Republican" Senators may be ready to flinch in the game of chicken that's being played out over judicial nominees.
May 9 (Bloomberg) -- A bipartisan group of U.S. senators is discussing a possible agreement to avert a showdown over President George W. Bush's judicial nominees, said Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins.

Collins is among a half-dozen Republican senators who have voiced reservations about Republican Leader Bill Frist's threat to try to bar Democrats from blocking Senate votes on Bush's choices for the federal bench.

In February, Bush resubmitted the names of seven appeals- court nominees Democrats had blocked in the last four years by using the filibuster, a tactic that permits unlimited debate. Democrats have threatened to bring Senate business to a standstill if Frist succeeds in changing Senate rules to eliminate the use of filibusters against judicial nominees.

"Attempts are under way" to try to avert a showdown, Collins said in an interview. "I have had discussions with colleagues in the Senate about the possibility of that. I haven't signed off on anything."

Collins didn't discuss the details of the discussions. Roll Call, a publication about Congress that is distributed on Capitol Hill and electronically, reported that six Republicans offered to oppose the rule change to eliminate judicial filibusters if Democrats agreed to allow votes on four of the seven disputed judges.

So, Susan Collins finally wants to play a leadership role in the Senate. Her first strategy? Surrender. I only wish I was surprised. You can read the rest of the story--including the role Trent Lott may be playing in this fiasco--here.

What is wrong with these people? And what's the use of being a majority if they're going to let the Dems go on running things?

Click here for a special audio message for the Republican "Lions" of the Senate.

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