Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Here's a story the public needs to hear:
Alpha Company Heroes

MARINE BARRACKS WASHINGTON (March 28, 2007) -- What if you were given the opportunity to help a complete stranger who had been seriously injured? Would you just walk away or would you take immediate action to help save the person?

Two infantrymen from Alpha Company were faced with situation when they saw a male in his mid-twenties who was about to be assaulted in the late evening of Feb. 24.

Lance Corporals Jared Bolhuis and David Trester were on their way to watch a movie in Washington, D.C.'s Chinatown. They had just departed the subway when they heard a disturbance at the top of the escalator. As the two Marines reached street level, they found the man surrounded by a group of 15 young skateboarders.

"There was a young guy, nicely dressed like he was going out. He was squared off with a skateboarder that looked like he was about 18 years old. The skateboarder's friends surrounded the two of them and everyone on the streets was watching this build up," said Bolhuis, a Zeeland, Mich. Native. "Before I knew it, one of the older skateboarders came from behind and blindsided this guy with a punch right in the temple, knocking him out cold."

As soon as the victim was hit, the leathernecks rushed to his aid. As the Marines with their high and tight haircuts approached the victim, the gang of skateboarders quickly dispersed into the crowd.

Lance Corporals Bolhuis and Trester are a credit to the military, and the USMC in particular. Which is probably why (as of this writing), Google News lists exactly zero stories about their heroism. None. Two Marines save a man from assault by over a dozen thugs, and it's not news? Had 15 Marines beat up two skateboarders, there'd probably be over a thousand stories on Google News by now. I guess it falls on bloggers and other non-journalists to spread the word. Again.

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