Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I saw this totally ridiculous story linked on The Drudge Report this morning.
Mother Charged With Lacing Cookies With Ex-Lax

A woman from New Portland is charged with helping
her daughter and two other teenagers bake cookies
laced with a laxative.

SKOWHEGAN, Maine (AP) -- The cookies were left
on the teacher's desk on April tenth.

Julie Hunt, who's 43, was arrested Friday after
an investigation into the prank that sickened
four seventh- and eighth-grade children at
Carrabec Community School in Anson.

A police affidavit filed in court indicates
Hunt told three girls how to crush the laxative
pills and mix them in with the cookie batter.


Note to Ms. Hunt: Your daughter needs a mother, not another "friend." Being a mother is a job for an adult, not a 43 year old adolescent. We have too many "cool" moms in this country, and not enough good ones. So grow the hell up already.

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