Wednesday, May 17, 2006


From a column posted on by former Intelligence Officer/DoD offical Peter Brookes:

General Michael Hayden is going to get an early
Memorial Day BBQ-ing on Thursday. The CIA
director-nominee will appear before the Senate
Select Committee on Intelligence, and the senators
are sure to go ballistic over the National
Security Agency's telephone-calling-record

Yet, despite the nonsense that the politically
motivated mainstream media and the left have
been spouting on the NSA program, this critical
counterterrorism effort isn't intrusive,
illegal -- or unnecessary.

In all honesty, we still don't know the details of the program, just what's being reported by the lamestream media. Hell, two of the phone companies named in the USA Today story claim that they've not turned over any records to the NSA. The newspaper is standing by their story. But then again, Mary Mapes still stands by her Air National Guard documents story too. So take it with a grain (or ten) of salt. But based on what's been reported so far, Brookes has done a reasoned analysis of the issue. Something we haven't seen much of from the "Fourth Estate" (and how unsurprising is that?).,15202,97439,00.html

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