Tuesday, May 02, 2006


If I've had one complaint about the way we have waged the Global War on Terror, it's that we've been hesitant to apply the necessary force to win. My philosophy on war is best summed up in this quote by the late General Curtis E. Lemay.
"If you are going to use military force,
then you ought to use overwhelming military
force. Use too much and deliberately use too
much... You'll save lives, not only your own,
but the enemy's too."

Like every firearms instructor I've ever trained with told me, when you shoot, shoot to kill. Forget this shoot-to-wound crap. If you have a legitimate reason to use deadly force, use it. Don't half step. If you can't justify it, don't pull the trigger.

So why are there so many Americans who don't get this concept? Even after 9/11, we seem to want to pussy foot around with these terrorists and the people who support them. "By all means, get the terrorists. But don't make a mess in doing it."

Hoover Institution researcher Shelby Steele takes a look at why this is so in a column entitled "White Guilt and the Western Past. Why is America so delicate with the enemy?" Rush Limbaugh read the entire piece on his radio show today. Good stuff. Highly recommended.


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