Monday, September 27, 2004

Former President Carter is back in the news.
Former President Jimmy Carter says that despite changes designed to eliminate voting problems in Florida where the disputed 2000 presidential election was decided by only a few hundred votes conditions for a fair election in that state still don't exist.

"The disturbing fact is that a repetition of the problems of 2000 now seems likely," Carter wrote in an opinion piece published Monday in the Washington Post.

So, the elections in Venezuela were legit, but Florida is in doubt. I'm sure that Floridians (like Miss Tammi) will be happy to hear that they are living in a third world country. Then again, with all of the hurricanes this year, they're certainly getting the full effect. Be that as it may, our illustrious former President has taken another leak on the US of A.

I used to think that Carter was a lousy President, but a decent man nevertheless. In recent years I've come to the realization that he is an arrogant buffoon hiding behind a mask of piety. Instead of criticizing the integrity of his fellow citizens, he should be placing flowers on Richard Nixon's grave. It was Nixon's scandal-plagued administration, after all, that made it possible for Carter to be elected President.

As I recall, Carter confessed in a Playboy Magazine interview to lusting after women in his heart. Sorry Jimmy, you got it all wrong. In your case, I think it's the first deadly sin you have to worry about.

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