Friday, September 10, 2004

The CBS 60 Minutes memo story continued today. The mainstream media appears to be picking up the story with a vengeance. In spite of this, Dan Rather is standing behind the authenticity of the documents.

I dug into my old military paperwork today and found my original DD Form 214. The document, issued at the US Army's hi-tech National Training Center in 1990, showed my last duty assignment as the 177th FSB. The "th" after the 177 was NOT in superscript. I sincerely doubt that the Texas Air National Guard had more advanced typewriters in the early 1970s than the Army had at NTC in 1990. I am becoming increasingly convinced that these documents, at least some of them, are forgeries.

In the long run, the real implication of this story does not involve the election. I don't think that the authenticity of the documents is going to change voters minds either way (although former democratic pollster Pat Caddell thinks that this scandal may cost Kerry the election). The real potential damage here is to the credibility of CBS. This scandal may drive more people to seek out alternative sources of information. The MSM's monopoly on the flow of information is coming to an end, and they can't handle it.

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