Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I make a habit of reading Michelle Malkin's blog every day. I've been a fan of her newspaper columns for several years and was happy to see that she had started a blog last spring. I can't say that I've agreed with every thing she's said, but her writing always makes me think. One of her posts today really made me think. She shared some unabridged examples of the hate mail she receives. For instance:
Hi Self hating flat nosed Filipino Bitch! As we used to refer to your kind - little brown Fucking Machines. Looks like this little LBFM learned to whore in a different way to make some pesos. How sweet.
I just hope that I am still around when the karma catches up to those of you that have spread the lies and attacked the innocent. I hope your fate is somewhat similar to the women of the Phillipines when the Japanese invaded. Then Michelle you can drop the "media" from "media whore" when someone asks your occupation.
You're just a Manilla whore shaking your ass and waiting for the Republican fleet to come in, aren't you? You've even got the lip gloss about right. Maybe if you love sailor long time, he bring you home to big American house? I don't think so. Just like in Manilla, Honey, they'll pass you around 'til they've all shot their load in you, and then they'll try to scrub off the stench so they can sail off in their crisp, white uniforms to the land of W.A.S.P.
Here's a tip. We know you are lyin' pond scum and a whore to your profession......and, not a very expensive whore at that. So............when we get rid of you neocons; how will you ever pay your rent? You're not good enough to make it as a real writer. fuck you; I hope you get cancer & die a horrible painful death all alone, with your collegues shunning you and the rest of us reading how wrong you are AND WHAT A CRUMMY WRITER YOU ARE.
Malkin, you're a dumb fucking whore. You're a philipino piece of shit who should be wiping my ass. Go back to the massage parlor. Sucky sucky long time. How dare you thing you have any right to express any opinions in this country. You're a joke. Go back to nursing school. Whore.
You're a filthy whore.

So, what have we learned from Ms. Malkin's mailbox? Let's see, compassionate, multiculturally inclined, left-wing champions of women's rights apparently believe:
-Any member of a minority group that is not in lockstep with liberal groupthink is a self-hater.
-All Asian women are whores.
-Women who disagree with them are whores.
-People who disagree with them are dumb (apparently lefties aren't so brilliant after all, since you only have to be not "dumb" to think like they do).
-People who disagree with them deserve to be raped, like the women in the Philippines were raped by Japanese soldiers during WW II.
-People who disagree with them deserve to "get cancer & die a horrible painful death".

Sexual harassment. Racial harassment. Perpetuating racial and gender stereotypes. Damn, sounds like these people need some of their own bullsh*t sensitivity training. I guess that they think such behavior is justified in this situation because they are fighting "evil". The irony is that these are the same folks that tell us executing murderers is wrong because it makes society no better than the killers it is punishing. More proof that you have to be a hypocrite to be a left-wing extremist.

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