Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I was planning on changing my blog template the other day. I decided against it and did NOT save any changes I made. Blogger decided to change it on me anyway, even though I did not save the changes and did NOT republish the F*CKING thing. I lost all my links and my comments. THIS SUX!

Check out the top: "Views on life, culture, politics, and national security from a reservist recently returned from the Middle East." I had changed that description a couple months ago, but Blogger pulled the old one out of its ass and put it back up there. Apparently the thing has a mind of its own.

UPDATE 2: OK, I got the link thing fixed. Still need to figure out how to get the Haloscan comments back.

UPDATE 3: I got the comments up and they're in the wrong place. Plus, it changed the color of my blog. Oh Joy! That "DELETE THIS BLOG" button is starting to look really good about now.

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