Thursday, March 23, 2006


I got a tip from a reader that there was a new development in the Alberto Martinez case.
Hearing set for suspect in 'fragging'

Chester - Military officials have set a court date to consider more charges against the man suspected of killing 1st. Lt. Lou Allen and his friend, Capt. Phil Esposito of Suffern.

A native of Chester, Allen, 34, was killed with Esposito, 30, on June 7 by an explosion allegedly detonated by Staff Sgt. Alberto Martinez, a supply specialist with their unit. All three were deployed with the New York National Guard's 42nd Infantry Division in Tikrit Iraq.

The deaths are considered the military's first "fragging" case in Iraq. Fragging is military slang for when a subordinate intentionally kills a superior during a time of war.

An Article 32 hearing to review the two charges of premeditated murder against Martinez, 37, of Troy, was held in Kuwait in the fall. A second Article 32 hearing will be held on April 3 at Fort Bragg in North Carolina to review additional charges, including failure to obey orders and unauthorized sale, loss, damage, destruction or wrongful disposition of military property.

In particular, Martinez is alleged to have wrongfully disposed of printers and copiers to an Iraqi national. The hearing is expected to begin at 9 a.m.

(emphasis mine)

This development is in line with the info I was getting from my second-hand, but reliable, source. It's looking like Martinez is just a crook who committed murder to avoid punishment.

It's worth noting that Google News only has ten hits for a search for "Alberto Martinez" and "Iraq." Would that be the case if Martinez appeared to have an ideological motivation for his crime? I wonder.

For more background on the case:
Soldier charged in slaying of Army officer from Suffern to face more charges

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