Tuesday, March 28, 2006


OK, let's cut through the B.S. They're illegal aliens. They're not immigrants, migrants, or any other euphemism. They're here becuase they broke the law. Period. For an interesting perspective on the subject of illegal immigrants, check out Davide Yeagley's latest piece on the subject.
Illegal immigration is an affront to the very idea of nationhood. That Mexicans have found allies (i.e., avaricious businessmen) inside America is no cause to honor them, no cause to justify them, and no cause to reward their aggression. It is cause rather to imprison the businessmen as the traitors and treasonists they really are. They should be deported to Mexico, forever. And every law Congress changes to accommodate the businessmen and the Mexicans is evidence against the Congressmen as well. They are the fundamental traitors of the country. They should be imprisoned for life.

The Mexicans have taken their own risks, willfully. America owes them absolutely nothing. If there is a concern that American produce will fail without Mexican labor, then let it fail. Let Americans plant their own onions, or do without a little extra flavor on their hamburgers. No foreigner has the right to force himself on another country, and to expect full rights as a citizen, just by being there. This is the most arrogant attitude in the history of nations. To sanction it, to encourage it, is suicidal for the nation that would indulge such "irrationality."

As usual, Yeagley pulls no punches. As well he shouldn't. This is a serious subject. The future of our country depends on how we handle it. The time to handle it is now.

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