Friday, March 24, 2006


Here's some good stuff for your reading pleasure.

Dr. David Yeagley addresses the plight of a religious "criminal" in Afghanistan, and the news media's hypocrisy in covering the story.

La Shawn Barber rips a study designed to validate the liberal conventional wisdom about the value (or lack thereof) of fathers.

Bill Tierney looks at the Saddam tapes, and how the media has dropped the ball in covering them.

Christopher Hitchens -- that notorious (insert sarcastic tone here) right wing extremist -- points out how the war in Iraq is not a distraction from our war with al Qaeda.

Jonah Goldberg looks at our reasons for invading Iraq. He also descibes one well-known Washington press corps member as " that thespian carbuncle of bile." I'll give you three guesses who he's talking about.

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