Monday, March 20, 2006


My definition of abject stupidity: too stupid to know how stupid
you are. A good synonym for abject stupidity: celebrity.
Peace just a breath away, says Sharon Stone

A peaceful co-existence between the peoples of the
Middle East is but a breath away, Hollywood star Sharon
Stone said after a highly publicized visit to Israel.

"It feels to me that we have an opportunity ... to choose
understanding in a new way," she told a press conference
in Paris when asked about her trip.

"And it really is just a breath. It's just an agreement that's
just a breath. We are not far apart. We can choose to have
this alternative kind of growth that is a collective nuance of

"We are just that breath away from a peaceful co-
existence," she added after her visit to Israel as a guest of
the Peres Center for Peace, a foundation run by Nobel
laureate and former Israeli primeminister Shimon Peres.

"Not that far apart," are we? Notwithstanding our minor
disagreements concerning the existence of Israel and the right of
its people to live. Yeah, just a breath, Sharon. Dumbass.


h/t: Drudge

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